Client launch Failure

Client launch Failure

Can’t get the game to run any more on my Macbook Pro.

Client launch Failure
Could not find file /Users/machine/Library/Application Support/EVE Online/p_drive/Local Settings/Application Date/CCP/EVE/SharedCache//wine/bin/wi…

Me too, did the update and now will not start the game. Have you gotten any reply or anything?

The solution for that error is here:

I’d just like to add that I’ve attempted all of the potential remedies including switching to a 32 bit client, running D9, changing the directory, reinstalling the launcher, clearing the cache, switching to the beta version and none have worked. There appears to be a pretty terrible bug that is also causing kernel exceptions (yes, I’ve done a hardware check and a line by line error check). I hope this is fixed soon. I’ve been playing much less frequently and I’m considering cancelling my subscription altogether.

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