Unable to launch character

Just opened the Eve launcher and it started “launcher binary update(?)” clicked OK and it restarted the launcher.

Now I am unable to start a new client comes up with the following warning.

Could not find file /Users/*********/Library/Apllication Support/Eve Online/p_drive/Local Settings/ Application Data/ CCP/EVE?SharedCache//wine/bin/wi…”

It carries on but I am unable to read off the screen (obvs) and if I click on the warning it disappears.

Any ideas?

Same problem, clearing cache didn’t help


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hello i have the same problem until they update the new launcher

Me too

Client Launch Failure

Mac OS 10.14.6

submitted support ticket

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GM reply says go to settings and disable 64-bit client

works now

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Well, that works, somewhat. So thanks.

It’s terribly slow though. About 1 frame/5 seconds.

Oh well, better than nothing I guess.

Can confirm, this does work.
You can enable DirectX 9 in the same area, which might help with the framerate issues.

Ticking or unticking the box doesn’t make a difference.
Thanks for the hint though. :+1:

ugh, it usually corrects that problem. Hmm, the only thing I can think of is if you’re on a MacBook Pro and it’s not seeing itself “plugged in” - at which point it switches to the Intel Graphics card, which would definitely cause what you’re seeing.

Thanks. I do play on a MacBook Pro.

I got a different message on the launcher this morning.

I’ll send the launcher logs to my support ticket.

Now there is a different issue on my Mac. It’s saying there is a corrupted file. Worked fine two nights ago and wake up yesterday morning and no love.