macOS Catalina

Anyone tried running EVE on macOS Catalina? Does it still work?

I was unable to get the launcher to run.

Launcher loaded but the game doesn’t go past a black screen in both DX9 and 11 modes.

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I even can’t bring the 64bit client to run under macOS 10.14.6. Always are some binaries missing what prevents the clients to be started. I hope that will be fixed soon.

I am a developer and immediately upgraded to Catalina went it was first released in June. I have been unable to play Eve ever since. This is certainly not anything to fault CCP about. I was told by CCP in a ticket that they would support Catalina 10.15.

The latest client still shows an all black screen at launch. BUT if I blindly press the ESC key, the audio/graphics settings window will now display! Of course I can’t close the window and the log off button in the lower right does not work. Good steady progress CCP, well done.

Full public release of Catalina is about four weeks from now. I hope that you will clearly communicate with your subscribers when beta support for Catalina will be available so that they can make INFORMED DECISIONS about whether to upgrade to Catalina in the first place knowing that their favorite game is unplayable. Please don’t wait until after the public release of Catalina to then tell them that the client does not work.

Dang. I didn’t realize this incompatibility existed with the next OS. I’m glad you guys posted something, because otherwise I would have updated and had a game which no longer works in 64-bit, now being a game which is totally unplayable. The playability of EVE has been so much better over the last few years compared to when I first played the game circa 2006-2011. The recent degradation in game play with the last update is quite the disappointment.

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I just installed MacOS Catalina Developer Beta 9 (19A573a) up from Mojave, and now I cannot launch Eve : (
In the launcher, it says “Added 1 account to the start-up queue” as usual, but then nothing else happens: No error messages, nothing launches.

Has anyone figured out a work-around for this? Thanks!

Nope. No workaround. Until CCP updates EVE for macOS Catalina you are probably screwed. Same here btw.

As Catalina has officially been released today, is there any news on this? I’m definitely not upgrading at the moment.

@Interstella_Castille Don’t upgrade. I’m on the official release of macOS Catalina, and exactly the same as above, the launcher loads, the accounts are added to the start up queue, but no game opens.


I just installed MacOS Catalina and it’s impossible to play.

When CCP uptdates EVE for MAC Catalina ?

Any informations ??? thanks

Just tried to launch on Catalita release. Sadly NOT WORKING. Awaiting for EVE team!

FWIW, Eve is working for me now on Catalina, now that it’s publicly released. One thing I had to do is in the Launcher, pull down the EVE Launcher menu to Preferences, and make sure the “Run clients with 64 bit” checkbox is CHECKED. (4th checkbox down in the list.)

A while ago I had to un-check it to get things working on Mojave, so if you did the same, you now need to reverse that change. (A few weeks ago with the Catalina develop beta, Eve didn’t work no matter what you did, 64 bit or not, but that seems to be fixed with this latest release.)

I installed yesterday Catalina.
and still doesnt work ! ! ! with “Run Clients with 64 bit” …

Egon Magalhaes … How do you do to have your game that works ???

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OK Finally I found the solution :

After down loaded MacOS Catalina and re-install the game,

I switch Wine Version on : Wine-4.15-Stating-winehq-binary-207 ( Preferences )

And now it’s works in 64 bits.

I hope this can help


Thanks Talia, you fix has worked a treat back up and running again.

Training reading to V often solves these issues…

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i upgraded my “test” Notebook to catalina today and had no issuses after i have manually downloaded a new laucher. For me the Launcher Updates dont work on 2 of my 3 systems for some month now. i have to manually download and install/overwrite the laucher

How do I get to that screen?

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