macOS Catalina

Open the launcher then click in the menu bar on “EVE Launcher” then “Preferences”.

I couldn’t find it either until I checked there.

Official Catalina OS and c’ant use the 64bit client and the 32bit well its now no longer supported. So I just don’t get it that CCP was not able to get the 64bit client working. Guess some to say that going native as its merits!!

“Training reading to V…” LOL. Love it. On a non-Eve note, I installed Catalina and it screwed up my fusion drive architecture. I’ve had to re-build it with diskutil and am attempting a re-install then a full restore of all my non-system files. I’ve never had any Mac OS release be this rough.

This worked! Thank you! I couldnt run in 64bot before!

I wasn’t able to fix my issue at first the way others have fixed their issues. My problem started out same as @Talia_deCapedeviel with the notice of “client launch failure”.

I restarted launcher a couple times, and then it finally started downloading a wine version that was about 65mbytes. Tried starting client again, and same thing, failure.

I tried @Talia_deCapedeviel method, and unfortunately setting wine to 4.15 didn’t work in my case. So then I tried @Forrest_Pirwal’s link, by setting wine version to “latest”, restarted launcher, and then it started downloading a wine version that was 250mbytes. Started client and it worked!

It’s weird, but I suppose the launchers could be glitched differently for different users depending on settings or what first actions they took while trying to work through the glitch.