macOS Catalina

Open the launcher then click in the menu bar on “EVE Launcher” then “Preferences”.

I couldn’t find it either until I checked there.

Official Catalina OS and c’ant use the 64bit client and the 32bit well its now no longer supported. So I just don’t get it that CCP was not able to get the 64bit client working. Guess some to say that going native as its merits!!

“Training reading to V…” LOL. Love it. On a non-Eve note, I installed Catalina and it screwed up my fusion drive architecture. I’ve had to re-build it with diskutil and am attempting a re-install then a full restore of all my non-system files. I’ve never had any Mac OS release be this rough.

This worked! Thank you! I couldnt run in 64bot before!

I wasn’t able to fix my issue at first the way others have fixed their issues. My problem started out same as @Talia_deCapedeviel with the notice of “client launch failure”.

I restarted launcher a couple times, and then it finally started downloading a wine version that was about 65mbytes. Tried starting client again, and same thing, failure.

I tried @Talia_deCapedeviel method, and unfortunately setting wine to 4.15 didn’t work in my case. So then I tried @Forrest_Pirwal’s link, by setting wine version to “latest”, restarted launcher, and then it started downloading a wine version that was 250mbytes. Started client and it worked!

It’s weird, but I suppose the launchers could be glitched differently for different users depending on settings or what first actions they took while trying to work through the glitch.

Installed Catalina and Eveonline launcher loaded but client didn’t not work.

Same issue as everyone else downloaded Catalina yesterday. tried 4.15 didn’t work tried latest didn’t work. made sure game was set to 64 bit through out this and still no dice i get the same screen as @Talia_deCapedeviel this is very aggravating… need to log at least to get my 25000 free skill points … gah

Yes, 1 more victim here same ■■■■

This is what i found untill now:

  • With Catalina, just reinstall comlete new client and download everything.
  • default wine version settings seems ok then (Latest)
  • When i look at my processe i have 1 win64-preloader process with huge cpu load 107% and more.
  • I see also 4 other win64-preloader processe at 0.1-0.3% cpu load.
  • I can kill thise processes and the client is still running
  • Stopping client removes win64-preloader process. All are gone now.
  • Starting eve client again…win64-preloader back. Also the 4 others.

Then i have issue with 2nd client!

  • Starting 2nd client
  • A new win64-preloader with huge cpu load starts
  • also 1 new win64-preloader processes is started.

Then i experience client freezes of first one. I see the CPU load go down from over 107% to 0.1%

  • When i stop the 2nd client (the one that was still working) the main win64-preloader process gets killed
  • All other processes stay alive, however on 0.1% CPU
  • After some time focus on good client, it responds again and cpu load in that win64-preloader process back to over 107%
  • Still other processes are there…
  • After stopping first client, all processes are gone!

So running 2 clients isnt working

Some interesting stuff:

  • After reopening my main client i see now 6 win64-preloader processes running?
  • And must say that 2 clients start up ok now
  • But after some time first client freezes again

Reinstalled EVE from scratch on Catalina. It is working, but I can’t enable Retina mode, High DPI and Retina mode checkboxes not working, I’m trying switch them off, relaunch, switch on, do it separately and 100 relaunches of different beta and stable Wine versions more, but it is still launching in pixelated old mode.

I just recently upgraded to Catalina and then had to proceed to do a clean install as something bugged out on me - stupid file and folder permission ■■■■.

I will need to test later - but I noticed all my steam games after the upgrade where throwing an error - like not launching and the pop-up for giving them file/folder access wasn’t showing up at all. Just major lag on my Mac mini. If anyone is aware, the 2018 Mac mini has like ■■■■ for internal storage. So all my crap is on an external HDD.

I have found though, that if I go into system preferences > security blah blah > last tab thingy I can add programs to the “full access” option and they run with no problems. But some halfwit moron Programmed it so you cant manually add to the file and folder section.
None of my blizzard games had this issue and they are on the same external HDD.

Long story short: you guys might want to dig into the file/folder access on your computers and just make sure EVE has rights.

It’s sad, that we the end users have to deal with half thought out ■■■■■■■■ from the powers that be. And then we have to go and figure out wtf is going on and pray to some other power that be that we can play the spreadsheets in space game we all love.

edit: finally got home from work. only running one client and did some minor testing…
This is a clean install of macOS 10.15 on a 2018 Macmini.
So far I have not encountered any issue warping between structures and systems (due to my lack of omega status and lack of ships in my hanger that work with alpha my testing was limited).

The biggest thing I can suggest and to make sure you have given EVE launcher the require permissions… System preference > security and privacy > privacy > files and folders.

I have been running a single client since Catalina was released. I mostly AFK mine and so frequently bring other apps to the foreground. My problem is that randomly (about one out of every six rimes) when I switch back to Eve, the client freezes. Has anyone experienced consistent freezing like this?

Hi all,

I think I might have solved the issue, and found a CCP bug :wink:

After upgrading to Catalina, Eve launcher started, but the client refused to launch.

Doing some experiments, I switched wine to 207 IIRC, and it asked me for permissions to access the ‘Desktop’ folder, but didn’t start the Eve client.
After that, I switched to wine 208, and it asked me for permissions to access the ‘Documents’ folder. When I gave permission, the Eve client started!
Now I switched back to wine ‘latest’, and the client starts normally! Even multi-boxing works as expected.

To me it looks like the code to request the necessary permissions to run the Eve client is borked, at least in latest. Hopefully, CCP can fix this issue soon, shouldn’t be hard at all.

So is it safe to upgrade to Catalina or is the game still unplayable when using Catalina?

I upgraded my MacBook to Catalina after CCP first put out the instructions on how to setup Wine properly to run on it. Worked first time and haven’t had one issue since…

@Guiliano_Thellere where are those instructions?

@Krikus_Pikus How to configure the launcher for 64 bit version, How to configure the launcher for 32 bit version

This issue, like most of them have to do with the permissions given to an application in Catalina.

The same problem happens with Steam Games. The only major plus to steam games for the end user is that they can navigate to the games folder and launch it from there or open up system preferences > security & privacy > privacy > and unlock the full disk access and add the item to there (don’t know why manually adding to files and folders doesn’t for this. Bad design by Apple).

EVEs issue is that you have a hard time finding the wine app and doing the steps above, so the best thing is to just try launching and waiting that it will attempt to load and provide the pop ups itself. It’s all just a little weird on how Apple updated things.

In my experience EVE works fine under Catalina - once you can get past this first hurdle.

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