Some skoli utils (YC dates, refining tables, NPC resitances, Item DB)

Hi all,

About 13 years ago I’ve created an NPC damage types page. At the beginning it was just a compilation of info from different sources, and for very long time it was updated manually, and it was updated irregularly, and it was available only in Russian language, and it was totally abandoned since 2013.

But few months ago I revived my site, and the first thing I’ve rewritten (not speaking about rewriting the whole site engine from ground) is the NPC damages table. Now it updates itself automatically every time a new Static Data Export is published by CCP. And now it’s available in two languages: Russian and English. Also, it can show combined data for a race/faction as well as detailed info (i.e. Angel Cartel → Asteroid, or Serpentis → Mission, and so on).

Also, I have some other utils (listed below). All of them support both English and Russian languages, and if some of them depends on SDE, it also updates automatically. I will link only English versions, but you can switch the language by using language dropdown at the top navigation panel of a page if needed.

So, the utils:

I will be happy if the utils will help you, and I will be more than happy if you will have any suggestions about how to make them even better. I don’t have comments/forum on my site so far, so consider this topic to be an official support thread for them.


Updated the “NPC damages” table.

  • Updated SDE to 20211013
  • Added info about the “AIR” faction which appeared in the new SDE
  • Now unpublished dogma attributes are ignored. As a result, many factions lost the “Electronic War Immunity” label from the “Possible Electronic Warfare” column
  • Rogue Drones (All)
    • Preferred resistance to use:
      • Kinetic 31 → 34
      • Explosive 27 → 25
      • EM 22 → 26
  • Rogue Drones (Roaming)
    • Preferred resistance to use
      • EM 25 → 36
      • Thermal 25 → 24
      • Kinetic 25 → 20
      • Explosive 25 → 20
    • Preferred damage to deal
      • EM 74 → 73
      • Explosive 74 → 75

Got some feedback in Russian section, and updated NPC damage types table accordingly. The “Preferred damage to deal” column is updated for all factions (see changes on attached image).

Also, SDE was updated at Nov 2nd, but the update did not affect any data in utils.

A small update:

  • Imported SDE version 20211207
  • Ore Refining Table has new reprocessing skills. In the 19.11 # 2021-12-07.1 patch EVE Online developers have replaced ore-sort skills by ore-tier skills

Added item database.

Imported SDE version 20220308. The AIR section of the NPC damage types table has updated the “Preferred damage to deal” column:

  • Explosive damage: 75 → 77
  • EM damage: 78 → 75
  • Thermal damage: 75 → 74
  • Kinetic damage: 72 → 74

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