How to re-open old threads?


How to re-open 2 threads which were automatically closed 90 days after the last reply? They should have no any rules violations, they were just abandoned because I was a bit busy to post to them. Threads:


You should be able to flag it and select “something else” and ask an isd member to open it. When submitting someone from ISD will see it automatically
The three dots at the bottom right will show you more options on the closed thread

And after you click the 3 dots youll see these icons in place

Clicking on the flag you can flag your post


Thank you so very much!


Also if you click the bookmark button you can also set a reminder so you don’t forget to post in them to keep them open.


old threads I took it as old discussions on current situations

Idk what you are on about, but this had to do with reopening a locked thread that was locked due to age.

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