Something Something Darkside. [Nullsec PVP & PVE Multi Timezoned Corp]

Hello Corp seekers

We Are SSDD. an established PVP & Industry Corp, We live in Deklein with the alliance DARKNESS. We live to fight and protect our home.

Our Corp focuses on both PVP for the alliance & Industry, We offer a variety of services and above all we are family. With us, you have the ability to grow as a player, make friends and isk. We focus on fleet discipline and teamwork to achieve great success.

:heavy_check_mark: weekly & Monthly Participation Rewards
:heavy_check_mark: Daily PVP + SRP
:heavy_check_mark: Great space for Industry
:heavy_check_mark: A Social Corp
:heavy_check_mark: Be a member of a strong Nullsec entity with various services.

Requirments (Exceptions possible)

10 Million SP
Atleast 100 Kill on your KB
Headset & Microphone
Ability to fly a range of ships to participate in fleets.

Recruitment Channel: SSDD. Public
Recruiters: Racken Ormand, Molly, Killabum, Kalfar Chillar

Great Bunch of guys, enjoyed time with them even if brief.

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