Sons of black rise is recruiting AUTZ PVP Players

Sons of black rise[SOBR] is recruiting AUTZ Players. And SOBR is Member of Siege green alliance!
In the meantime, we only recruited Korean users, but from now we lifted that restriction and introduced our corp on the forum!

Siege green Alliance is a Korean/Japanese mixed alliance, but the fleet content is conducted in English!
For active communication, we also provide an automatic translator chatbot on discord xD

We can offer

  • Alliance/coalition-sized AUTZ fleet contents more than 5 times a week
  • Basic support for SRP and fleet content (reconship/linkship ship handout, etc.)
  • All services of Winter Coalition
  • Quarterly own campaign

What you need to join us

  • Over 15m skill points (mainly navigation and cruiser skills)

If you are interested, please ask chatbot on our discord! Or send in-game mail or visit our in-game channel SOBR PUB!
We prefer content for medium-sized or larger fleets, so please check before applying!



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