SoulCalibur Force - NPSI PVP Corp + invasion farming - NO SP/NO MANDATORY OPS/IRL comes first

Veteran run corp that is building back up after IRL breaks, family friendly the core members are all dads, so family needs come first, no mandatory ops.
Daily PVP with our NPSI alliance and community + Invasion farming in HS for extra PVP iskies.

Hey there, welcome to our advert, the corp is run by 2 veteran players that have been in the game for over 15 years.

The ceo has been active in PVP in pretty much every major null sec alliance over the years.

We are all players with IRL families currently in the corp, I have just personally come back to the game after an 8 month break so there are only 3 active players in the corp but we have good fun.

We are in an NPSI alliance and we actively take part in multiple NPSI public fleets every week.

We have the option for capital fun aswell as loads of subcap fleets that are running pretty much every day.

We are also running invasion farming on a daily basis to keep the PVP funds filled, we actively farm invasion rats on citadels and are now starting to work on our own fits to run the propper invasion sites aswell.

We offer full ship SRP for any NPSI fleets that you go on for T1 ships and partial SRP on faction and T2 ships.

We can provide fits for invasion farming and help get you started salvaging in a group if you are a newbro.

Lots of fittings for the various NPSI fleets that we go on but guidance and skill training tips can be given.

Happy to help newbros and returning players, please understand that we are a FCF corp (family comes first) which means IRL stuff comes before ops in eve, so sometimes people go inactive for a few days or weeks but then they come back and participate.

I am on pretty much every day as I work from home so get more time to play lately and am the most active of all corp members in terms of PVP and PVE action.

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