EU Based English Corp 5% Tax Non War Eligible - All Newbros Welcome. (No ESI Req’d) NPSI Based Corp and Alliance looking for members

Heya my name is princess abbie and im a ex goon FC and currently FC and work with a variety of the NPSI communities in the game.

Welcome to SoulCalibur Force

Join our public channel: A Chance To Pew
We are currently enjoying an NPSI life, where we are running PVP training ops, Mining Ops, Group PVE and general day to day life and then going out for fun fleets with various NPSI communities.

We have a vast variety of BPOS for producing every thing that the corp/alliance members may need.

We are here to have fun at the end of the day it all comes down to the pew pew, we will build our bases again and rise from the ashses of our former selves, any questions please ask them here or convo princess abbie .

We are based out of Jita/Amarr and do PVP mainty in NullSec for our PVP anctics. We run filament fleets daily I own the NPSI Filament Group - Filament_Squad

We strongly support members going out on NPSI public fleets as they are a lot of fun and currently we have no politics to mind.

I am also a Bombers Bar FC so you have access to learn how to fc a variety of fleets aswell as joining in with them.

We are actively promoting the use of a WH 745 for NPSI fleets etc, if you are interested in using 745 for your fleets please drop me a mail.

We ask that you can fly some T2 Ships that are useful to fleets or be working towards them as a minimum and around 2m SP to get in, must have decent corp history and skill sheet required. (NEW PLAYERS CONSIDERED INCLUDING ALPHAS AT DIPLOMATS DISCRESSION)

SoulCalibur is currently recruiting!

★ Null Sec PVP
★ PVP roams and camps
★ PVP Training
★ Exploration
★ Group Missions
★ Incursion Running
★ Group Mining
★ Production Lines
★ Ship replacement schemes
★ ISK Incentives and awards
NO API verification required!

As for the alliance the following applies:
Welcome to the Nova Zone!
Nova Prospects [NOVAP] [NP] NPSI alliance is a group for likeminded corporations who focus on teamwork and make it a priority in their general day to day life.

Just shoot every one and have fun.

We have multiple different divisions within the alliance to suite most capsuleers lifestyles, including BP supply, Ship Building, Mining Boosts, Group Mission Running, Exploration, Incursions, Nullsec and low sec PVP.


Lead Diplomat:
princess abbie

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