[SOUSL] South Sun Logistics - Hisec - PvE/Industry



South Sun Logistics is a startup venture looking to open it’s doors to new recruits. We’re eager to start building a community in hisec, and we intend to center our activities around Incursions, Homefront and mining. We are also partnered with an established nullsec corp, and we want to create the perfect environment to enable your transition from hisec to nullsec, if so desired.


★ Comms-active pilots with an interest in Homefront operations, and mining
★ New or returning pilots (including Alphas) keen to help a smaller corp grow
★ Pilots who may be undecided about moving null, and want to transition at their own pace


★ Regular Homefront & mining fleets
★ Trade opportunities with our partner corp
★ Skillplans & fittings relevant to our operations
★ Guidance from an experienced leadership team.

We are based in Amarr space, and our time zones are split fairly evenly between EU and US.

Any potential applicants should start by completing a short questionnaire via a ticket on our Discord, as well as registering on our corp ESI authenticator, following which a member of the leadership team will start a chat with you. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response (though we do try to respond immediately).

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Recruitment is open!

Come join us!

You could shop at five or six corps - or just one!

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Still looking for new blood!

Still recruiting!!

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Recruitment still on!!

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Still recruiting!!

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Still recruiting.

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Still recruiting

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