SOV Null corp open for recruitment

Miners Legion is a Null based corporation and a founding member of Already Replaced alliance which is a proud member of Legacy Coalition. As a corp with a strong industrial member base we are currently open for recruitment for PVP oriented players to join our ranks. With a current large war against another large Null block ongoing we have plenty of PVP opportunities to keep combat oriented pilots engaged and wanting to log in for content.

What we seek:

  1. Veteran players with PVP experience and a desire for PVP fleets ranging from our own alliance level fleets to large coalition level fleets.
  2. Willingness to join voice coms.
  3. Team players wanted.
  4. FC experience a plus.
  5. Capital trained and ready pilots very welcome.

What we have to offer:

  1. SRP program in place at both the alliance level and coalition level for losses sustained while in fleets.
  2. An active group both at the corp level and the alliance level.
  3. Active coms at both the alliance and the coalition level.
  4. Leadership that isn’t simply online to manage things but who also actively fly in fleets but also hangs out in coms with everyone and is approachable.
  5. Doctrine ships always available and on contract.
  6. Access to plenty of ratting space to make that ISK so you can PVP.
  7. The industrial guys to the industrial stuff so those more interested in PVP are not required to.

All interested pilots feel free to reach out to me either through in game mail or by joining our discord recruiting channel for a chat. I am always available to answer your questions.

Discord Recruiting Channel:
Miners Legion zkill:
Already Replaced zkill:

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