{ALL TZ} Miners Legion - Nullsec PvP Sov and Industry

Miners Legion is Recruiting!

Come join a founding member of Already Replaced alliance. We PvP and we build stuff.

Opportunities abound for those wanting to take the next step. whether its PvP, Industry or Ratting we want you and we have the experience and knowledge to help you excel. support and advice is available from our highly experienced members whose in game experience covers almost every facet of eve gameplay.

We hold sov as part of the alliance AARP in Feythabolis, with decent mining, moons and an extensive blueprint library which is available to members. Our space is ideally suited to ratting under the new DBS system, with broad holdings spanning 30+ systems meaning there are always systems of high BRM reinforced by our policy of engage everything wherever possible.

We play eve to have fun, and the most fun you can have in eve is the fun you have with others. Come to our discord and come get to know the peeps.

Are you?

-Wanting to experience Nullsec and grow your wings from within a prospering corporation
-Want to get to grip with nullsec money making and Industry with like minded pilots?
-Into PvP whether small gang and local police actions, or large scale fleet engagments whether sub capital or capital. PvP is not optional and is a requirement
-A newer pilot? we have a mentorship programme with a pilot focused on improving you? we also have full SRP for doctrine ships - home defence is great experience.
-an industrialist looking for ore, gas and ice - with the library and facilities to support your ambition.
-Do you need a purpose?
-Tired of being a number? a minion? everyone in this corp is important and we want you to make your name known

TL:DR: PVP, PVE and Industry in Null - with friendship (the best ship)

Discord: https://discord.gg/j6wdFmq
ML Kill Board: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98462718/
AARP Kill Board: https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99008809/

Miners Legion - is still expanding and looking for new members wanting to take the step into nullsec and the annals of Infamy. Interested? Check out our Discord and get to know the crew.

If you wonder what we get up to check out this video

Miners Legion recruitment is still open. Looking for experienced pilots. Join our dysfunctional family.

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