Miners Legion - 0.0 - PVP/Industry/PVE/Exploration

Miners Legion is Recruiting!

We PvP and we build stuff.

Member of Test Alliance Please Ignore

We are close knit group of like minded players mostly USTZ and some EUTZ looking for more people to fly and have fun with. We enjoy PVP in both fleet warfare and small to medium gang PVP. We also welcome industrialists and ratters but PVP is our main focus and if you are not willing to fight then this may not be the place for you.

There are many fun aspects to Eve, but by far the most fun you can have is the fun you have with others. We are a very informal and social corp, while still maintaining a structured leadership core. So join up, hop on our Discord group and get to know us!

Are you?

-Wanting to experience Nullsec and grow your wings from within a prospering corporation
-Want to get to grip with Nullsec money making and Industry with like minded pilots?
-Into PvP whether small gang and local police actions, or large scale fleet engagements whether sub capital or capital. PvP is not optional and is a requirement
-Interested in Moon Rentals, mining, ratting, DED, archaeology and data mining, whatever you need to fund the bloodshed.
-An industrialist looking for ore, gas and ice - with the library and facilities to support your ambition.
-A “jack of all trades” who wants to find purpose
-Tired of being a number? a minion? everyone in this corp is important and we want you to make your name known

In Miners Legion we acknowledge the individual. Put your skills and expertise to use and make a name for yourself in New Eden.


  • No Hard SP Requirement
  • Be PVP Focused
  • Subcap pilot main, Capital pilots on alts
  • Able to fly majority cruisers and down!
  • Mumble and Discord access for Corp/Alliance/Coalition
  • Must join comms and have an operational microphone
  • Be self isk sufficient
  • Maintain regular activity as RL allows(do not go afk from the game without telling us)
  • Over the age of 18
  • ESI SeAT application required for all characters on all accounts.

TL:DR: PVP, PVE, Industry, 0.0, SRP, fun activities and interesting members.

Discord: Miners Legion
Public In Game Channel: .M.L. Public
ML Kill Board: Miners Legion | Corporation | zKillboard
AARP Kill Board: Already Replaced. | Alliance | zKillboard

See you on grid!

The Recruitment Team:
Valcc Elusive, CEO
Urania Nike, Director

We are mainly US and some EU Time zone.
We are based in TBD
Alliance: Test Alliance Please Ignore

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Miners Legion is open for recruitment. Industrial minded players welcome and PVPer’s who want to mine those wonderful Eve tears are also welcome. Reach out to us today

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