[Sov Null] GSF - Trojan Legion Recruiting

Still bumping along, looking for new members… Apply today!

Yep, we’re still here… still looking for new members… Want to join? Read OP :point_up:

Been a while… vacation and all… TLRE is still recruiting! Apply today!!

Testing… does this thing still work? Still looking for new members…

Been awhile… glad to be back! Apply Today!

I’m part of TLRE since 2 month now.

This is an active corp with friendly players.
Being accepted to this corp opened the gates of milk and honey to me.
Delve is awesome to rat and mine and other nullsec stuff to make ISK.

  • There are lots of PVP fleets available around the clock and EVERYONE that can fly the required ship, can participate.
  • Our alliance is active in any TZ.
  • From Frigates to the largest ships, if you have the skills, you can participate.
  • Patient and helpful HR department for any questions on goon stuff.

Join our recruitment channel, if you have questions:
TLRE Recruitment

As Aelloon said… we’re great :blush:

Apply today! You won’t regret it.

Smug post… also bump… but mostly #smug

Update 09/15/17:
Still smug. Also we’re still recruiting.

We’re still looking! Apply today.

Do you want to join the best corp in the game? Apply to join Trojan Legion today.

If you’re looking, we’re accepting… after a background check of course… :wink:

bla bla bla… yada yada yada

Join Trojan Legion today.

We’re still looking. Apply to join today!

We’re looking for you, if you’re interested!

We’re looking for new recruits! Apply today.

Are you interested in joining? Apply today! Read OP for details.

We’re looking for new recruits… are you looking to join the best community in the game?

We’re still looking for those interested null sec PVPers!

We’re still looking for new people! Please apply today if interested!