[Sov Nullsec] Hardly Commited - Come and COMMIT HARD

Are you getting bored of nullbloc life? Are you fed up with paperpushers controling your every move? or maybe you’ve been wanting to try out null life in a chill environment? Then we welcome you to Hardly Commited!

Hardly Commited is an open-recruitment corp of Hard Commit alliance, a newly formed group of ex-wormholes and friends who want to have new adventures. We’re living in the Detorid region and are one of two dominant alliances currently in the region. The simple existence of our alliance has already made a few not hard-commited corps leave the space, which means more for us.

Hardly Commited is a corp where fun comes first. We hold fleets daily. From simple roams into neighbouring spaces to BLOPs fleets and more.

So, if you’re interested in helping build something new, here’s what we offer in a list:

  • Fleets every day
  • SRP
  • High DBM Systems for ratting
  • Highly valuable DED Loot
  • Alliance R64 moons
  • Rentable R32s for personal/corp use
  • Incredibly fun and friendly environment
  • Dank Ass Memes

Here’s what we require:

  • Ability to push buttons somewhat well
  • A Microphone
  • A Sense of Humor
  • At least one account with Omega status
  • 15 mil SP
  • Ability to fly Guardian or Leshak/Prophecy Navy(Required Skills)
  • Willingness to train into doctrine ships

Come Join our Discord: Discord Link

Zkill: Hardly Committed | Corporation | zKillboard

Our Recruiters
EUtz: Lucas Ermanelos (JustThatLuka#1590)
UStz: Wilhelm Deninard (Vurbal#9527)

Still looking for more gamers

Gamer acquisiton is still in progress

Still hard commited to looking for more gamers


x up if ur a real gamer

Lots of fun to be had with us

Gamer numbers in the alliance are rising

Still looking for recruits, come and COMMIT HARD

Still looking for more gamers!

Still recruiting!

Still looking for new recruits!

Still recruiting!

We are still recruiting!

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