Space Cookie Inc. Active players Wanted, Mining and Industry

Space Cookie Inc. is a small band of industry focused players and we are looking to expand our roster.

We are searching for players with an active interest in learning the ins and outs of the industrial sector of Eve in both mining and production.

As we are a member of a larger scale alliance, we have access to structures for reprocessing, manufacturing and for reactions.

This allows us to have a large group of players who are willing to lend their expertise to help us all grow.

Players of all skill levels, race, sexuality and genders are welcome to join.

What we offer:

  • Access to structures for reprocessing, reactions etc.
  • Mining fleets with boost
  • Ore buyback program
  • 6% corporation tax compared to 11% npc tax
  • A solid group of players to play the game with


  • A PvP alt – For alliance purposes to defend our home
  • Discord – For communications
  • SeAT registration
  • Ability to converse in English (or Icelandic)

To get attention on Discord just yell, Cookies rule!

Still recruiting…

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