Space Cookie - A place for people who dont understand sarcasm

Space Cookie is an established Industry focused corporation that is looking for like-minded players, miners and industrialists. We boast membership in Syndicate., an alliance which provides access to some of the most experienced FCs in EvE, as well as access to blue status with Alliances offering docking and usage rights to over 30 Moon-Pop stations in both high and low sec systems. Reaction and rigged stations for the manufacture of small - medium sized ships is also available. The choice is yours!

We are a laid back, fun group looking for committed and engaged players who take EvE seriously. We are not looking for AFK miners but active players who are looking for a fun, nurturing social environment with like-minded people from around the world. If you are tired of mining Veldspar and are looking to jump to a new level of content in EvE, Space Cookie is waiting for your application.

You can reach out to us in game or via Discord @ Syndicate.

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