Space Mutts C4 WH corp looking for members!

We are a PVP WH corp looking for proactive enthusiastic pilots. We are a like minded group of PVP players who enjoy most aspects of PVP in Eve, from nano gang and our Friday night null sec roams to WH armor brawls.Home: C4-C5/C3 Static

Space Mutts offers players the opportunity to grow as PvP pilots while offering the environment to sustain this habit. In return we would like to see the willingness to learn and commit time to achieve our PVP goals.

Our requirements:

That you are able to fly at least one of the following / are willing to train upon joining**:**

DPS: Sacrilege and DNI with T2 HAM’s

Logi: Logistic Cruisers V

Support: Bhaalgorns, Command Destroyers

Alt: Scanning alt, willingness to dual box

What we expect:

Enthusiasm towards the game

Proactivity to scan and find fights

Work as a group of like-minded players

What we offer:

PvP in almost all forms

Isk making opportunities such as corp ratting

Opportunities to constantly improve

Open and approachable leadership

If you are interested in applying or would like to know more join our in game channel ‘Space Mutts’, join our Discord or pm me on discord SuperNoob#3226.

Our Links zKillboard


Friday NIght Fleet

Ramjag Extracvaganza

Brawl Night 1


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