Space Mutts

Space Mutts is PvP and industrial corp based in low faring null, WH and occasionally a good old fashion war.

Our corp members come from varied background’s, ranging from bitter vets of the CFC blob, low sec pirates to wormhole dwellers. We have all been drawn together by the desire to PvP, collect tears and have a laugh while online.

What we are looking for in members:

  • Understands Null and Low sec Mechanics [or willing to learn!]
  • Newbie Friendly [Must be willing to learn, take advice and act on it]
  • Capable Capital Pilots / Blops Pilots - used regularly with the alliance
  • UK/EU member base (We do have some very active US tz guys as well)
  • Sociable, supportive & not a drama llama
  • Quality and motivated to succeed - any one can press F1, we want people who can make a difference
  • PvP Focus

What we can offer you:

  • Regular small/medium gang roams
  • Experienced FC’s
  • Gate Camps
  • Advice and support
  • Tight knit and active corp

If your interested in knowing more about the corp, please eve mail Xeroa1984 or Mega Syte. Alternatively join our public channel ‘Space Mutts’ and ask to speak with a recruiter.

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