Space-sock -POS Rental Service- (in-space Ship Parking, assembly, jet-can protection)

Flexible Password protected Forcefields, deployable near any moon.

Introducing the “Space Sock” – your ship’s parking spot in the cosmos and a safe haven for space snacks!

Tired of ships drifting? Need secure storage?
Enter the Space Sock: valet parking among the stars.
During wars, it morphs into a bunker.

Store trinkets with the “Space Spa” package, including on-site reprocessing.
Protected by a password, no fleets needed.
Got giant containers? Drop 'em hassle-free.

Sadly, ships can’t spa. No MTUs or Mobile Depots within 40km, but we’re on it.

Starting offer:
Secure your Space Sock in Highsec Verge Vendor/Placid for 1.5 million ISK/day.

Contact Goi Cody or Zen Narte in-game or here. Get socked in space!

hold on, even Faction towers take more fuel than 1.5m … or is there a micro POS avaiable now?

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