Space Wizards! [WIZ.] - 0.0 / PvE / PvP / EUTZ - Conflict and Riches!

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Space Wizards. - newly formed corporation with a laid back atmosphere and experienced leadership. Part of ChaosTheory. & GOTG Coalition - based in 0.0. Were looking for pilots who want a stress free environment, kill with a purpose and get rich in the process.

We can offer you the following:

• Coalition & Alliance level SRP, cover your losses
• 0.6-0.8 Systems to Rat & Mine in w/ Rorq Boosts & Gurista Rats
• Next door to Venal for easy access to Officer Hunting
• Multiple PvP fleets & Ops daily, there is always something to do.
• Multiple logistic options for getting assets in and out of our space.
• Tax free holidays!
• Planned Corp Events
• Max Refining Characters + Plenty of Citadel access
• Help & be part of a new growing corporation

What we require:
• 10 Million Skillpoints+.
• 18+ Years old.
• Working microphone and TS3.
• Not shy of PvP & willing to train Alliance Doctrine ship types.
• Attendence of 4 fleets a month (Be that Fun Roams, Strat Ops etc.)
• Use Discord
• Full API to both Corp & Alliance
• EUTZ Active
• We primarily speak English

Recruitment Channel: Space Wizards Recruitment

If you think that you would fit to us or want to find out more, have a chat with us in our recruitment channel or contact one of our recruiters.

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I’m slackin’

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Still lookin’!

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You can say anything you like if you wear a wizard hat.

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Woops, Christmas Holidays! Still lookin!’

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hi im an italian guy interested to the PVE, there are some italian in your corp?
is the 2nd week that i play
i tryed pvp but i dont like soo much

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