✨ WTS 1 Serious 5m+ Trade/T2 hauler DST Alt! 🧀

5.14m, pos wallet, pos sec status, starter corp., T2 hauler capable, PI also!! :crescent_moon:
Basics clone

Will sell both! Would like to see 4-5b.

Please make offers here or in game :smiley:

Confirmed, I am for sale!

Confirmed I am also lovely and for sale!

Beautiful, lovely women who make it their life to serve and trade!

Either have any standings?

Not really no, but lovely traders for all of any security!

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3b each


They are still lovely and available! Trade 100’s of orders! Take over a market!

Lots of time to start making money! Everyone is getting tax returns! $$$

Looking for buyers for these two great traders!

Still looking for lovely buyers for these two!

Would you do 4?

3,5b for each

Bid cancelled.

contact me ingame when ur ready to start .

No current bids, still open for bids! I am looking for 4b for Ten Crack, I’ll keep the other! Ten Crack can make PI, haul in a cloaky T2, and order it up on the market with LOTS of orders. As well, has a tiny bit of production and fight in her as well :slight_smile:

These two characters are getting hungry for isk! Competent money makers!

Still looking for owners! Who wants some traders?

Lots of trading available this day! Come buy a trade alt! :smiley: