Speaker for the Dead - Looking for pilots and corps to join a content generation Alliance

I’ll just say it. Eve sucks without people to play with. My intention is to create a place where people can log in, have people to talk to or jump into a fleet and find content.

Speaker for the Dead is creating an Alliance called “Stay Feral”. Whether you are a single player looking for a Corp or you run a corporation that just wants to be part of a group of good people looking for something to do. Join us and lets go blow something up.

My only rule is ZERO DRAMA. I’m 36, not looking for any BS, just want to create a place people can login and find something fun to do right away.

Here are some things I plan on doing with the fleets.

  • Small Gang Null/Low sec PVP

  • Filament Fleets

  • Exploration

  • WH shenanigans

  • Missions

  • Indy/mining

  • pretty much anything we can do together.

If this sounds like something you’d be into, hit me up in the in game channel “Stay Feral” or jump into our discord and say HI.

Stay Feral Discord: Stay Feral



Daily bump, looking for good folks!

Daily bump, just got back from a profit full filament journey.

Daily bump

Getting ready to form the “Stay Feral” alliance. Come join up for great content.

As you recently ran into with your WH, being a small alliance in EVE kinda sucks. And the smaller the harder it is to break out of that strata. Not impossible but a pain and a drain.

If you’d like, I think you can do what you want to do with some existing infrastructure to help. I love your corp name, I think your small gang aims align well with what I got going on.

Here’s my Discord if you want to chat: Alek#9710

If not, hope this bump helps :slight_smile:

Closed at the request of the OP

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