๐Ÿ’€ Speaker for the Dead - Small to Medium Scale PVP - NPC Null

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Speaker for the Dead recruitment is open!

We are an NBSI PVP focused corporation operating out of Syndicate and Placid. Our content is focused on various PVP activities including:

โ€ข Roaming nullsec (NPC & Sov) as well as lowsec
โ€ข Robbing ESSโ€™s with yeet-fleets (filament fleets)
โ€ข Faction Warfare PvP in the Cal/Gal warzone (We are not enrolled in a militia, but we do engage the militias)
โ€ข Black Ops
โ€ข Small to medium sized fleet fights (donโ€™t worryโ€”thereโ€™s no TiDi here)
โ€ข Periodic optional wormhole evictions with loot divided among the participants

Our location also offers fantastic ISK making opportunities to fund your PVP including pillaging abandoned structures, nullsec DED sites and exploration, nullsec missions, moon/ore/gas mining, and a FW alt corp (Gallente aligned).

Whether you are a newbro looking to get your feet wet in PVP or a veteran looking for good fights, reach out to us on our discord! Stay Feral

Speaker for the Dead is a member of the Alliance โ€˜Stay Feralโ€™. Whether youโ€™re a single player looking for a Corp or you run a corporation thatโ€™s looking for a group of good people to fly with, join us and letโ€™s go blow something up.

We pride ourselves on maximizing fun and minimizing the โ– โ– โ– โ– โ– โ– โ– โ– .

Speaker Killboards: Speaker for the Dead | Corporation | zKillboard
Alliance Killboards: Stay Feral | Alliance | zKillboard

For more information on Speaker join our in-game public channel โ€œSpeaker Recruitsโ€œ, contact Doughboy61, or join our alliance public channel โ€œStay Feralโ€. We can also be reached on our discord: Stay Feral


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