💀 Speaker for the Dead - Small to Medium Scale PVP - NPC Null

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Speaker for the Dead recruitment is open!

Speaker for the Dead is one of the PVP corporation for Stay Feral and is now accepting applications.
Stay Feral is a NPC Null PvP alliance where people can come play Eve together in a mature atmosphere. We do not believe in mandatory ops or dictating how you enjoy the game. Real life comes first!

You’ve probably seen a hundred different ads for PVP corps in EVE. Like the others we can offer the following:

• Roaming nullsec (NPC & Sov) as well as lowsec
• Robbing ESS’s with yeet-fleets (filament fleets)
• Black Ops
• Small to medium sized fleet fights (don’t worry—there’s no TiDi here)
• Periodic optional wormhole evictions with loot divided among the participants

But here’s something that most other groups can’t offer. A truly unique experience for corp and alliance members.

Stay Feral is a relatively young alliance. We’re getting our boots on and we’re about to start marching into our area and expanding our influence. But who’s going to pick up the weapons of war and fight for the cause? That’s what Speaker for the Dead is for. We’re the backbone for the military campaigns of the main alliance.

Instead of joining an enormous null bloc where everything has already been done and things are already maxed out, why not instead join an alliance where you can be part of the groundbreaking experience. Your membership will directly impact the alliance as you play an important role in dominating our area of space.

We’re just getting started and you have the opportunity to make your footprint in the galaxy.

We are currently located in NPC Null sec. This means that you get all the incredible benefits of living in Null, but without the annoying Sov mechanics. Most importantly though, you get access to NPC
stations. No more asset safety nonsense. This is great for everyone including new players.

The corporation is open to veterans and new players alike, but we’re especially looking for the following:

  • Pilots interested in small to medium sized PVP
  • Jr. FC or People with FC experience. We have pilots, but we need more content finders!!
  • People not afraid to fight outnumbered, the best battles are the ones hard fought.
  • New players are heavily encouraged to join, todays new bro is tomorrows vet.

Speaker Killboards: Speaker for the Dead | Corporation | zKillboard
Alliance Killboards: Stay Feral | Alliance | zKillboard

For more information on Speaker join our in-game public channel “Speaker Recruits“, contact Doughboy61, or join our alliance public channel “Stay Feral”. We can also be reached on our discord: Stay Feral


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