Spectral Incorporated - EU/NS/PVP


Spectral Incorporated (SPRAL) is an EU, PVP oriented community who live in nullsec. We are able to provide you with access to the best PVP, ratting sites, planets, ores, infrastructure etc in the game. We are members of FiRe Coalition which gives us the opportunity to take part in the largest battles in Eve, we also have access to smaller roam/small-gang type fleets as well with our alliance mates in Valkyrie. For players new in NullSec we can offer you guidance on how to enjoy your stay in Nullsec as well as hand you out free ships for PVP, ratting, mining etc.

What does Spectral Incorporated have to offer ?

  • A friendly and mature community of players.
  • One free haul from highsec to HQ upon joining (up to 330,000 m3).
  • Buyback program for your ore/loot/salvage/etc.
  • SRP (Ship Replacement Program) on PVP ships including caps.
  • Very experienced leadership who can help you grow in Eve.

What do we require from our members ?

  • Have discord and teamspeak installed.
  • 15,000,000 (15M) SP minimum on your main character.
  • Join at least 1 stratop per month.
  • Chat with us every so often - don’t be a stranger.

Interested in Joining ?

Join our discord over at Spectral Discord and ask for Haunting Deity or Maddog Broekman in there.

See you soon in Spral !

Maddog Broekman

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When i asked “What is that best region you are mentioning” to a recruiter of them he/she literally closed the convo. Gives so much hope about yours presence. This ad is almost believable.

you did asked that inhere or …?

One or 2 day old alt of someone in there was spamming around and at first i was genuinely interested. Then that happened.

If you where interested you should have joined our discord and based on your killboard you are not one that should be in a pvp corporation. Ratting is a way to get isk todo pvp not a way of living as it seem you are doing.

Recruitment is still open

We are looking for PVP Players, playing eve mostly in EU timezone join our discord and have a chat with us !

Spectral is the best :muscle:

Bumping, we are still open for recruitement

Bumper, we are still looking for players who want to join

We are still looking for those Pvp players. Head over to our discord

We are still looking for those Pvp players. Head over to our discord

Who is looking for Pvp, Ratting and NS life ?? Head over to our discord

Go Go and join us !

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