Nullsec PvP corporation now recruiting

HEX.S - Nullsec PvP & PvE - Now Recruiting!

Are you experienced with nullsec and into PvP?

We are currently recruiting people with all roles in mind; PvP, PvE & Industry. Though we do have a primary focus on PvP.

Spectral Hex is a multi-role corp with a special interest in PvP. We are a group of friendly grown ups from all different time-zones who like to blow stuff up and tell filthy jokes. We’re big on community cohesion & helping each other. We’re part of a coalition which means we get in on large scale nullsec fights, and small gang too.

Eve is love, Eve is life, but real life is real life. We will never expect you to cancel something in real life to get on a fleet. Our biggest thing is that real life always comes first!

What we are looking for:

-English or Russian Speaking.

-5m SP (Not set in stone, if you’re under still feel free to speak with us, SP is just a number, it’s gained, other things are more important!)

-Active enough to partake in fleets and activities

-Working Mic & Headset for comms during fleets, Discord and Mumble is a requirement

-Good attitude, snowflakes are nice in the winter but we don’t want people who are going to have a meltdown or be offended by everything.

-All time-zones

What we offer:

-All sized fleets, from home defence, hunts, low sec roams & StratOps

-Moons to mine

-ESS robbing roams

-Angel and Sansha space for ratting

-Full infrastructure for manufacturing and reactions

-Home defence for when enemies come knocking to make our space safer for ratting and mining
-SRPable fleets

Interested or have questions? Come and speak to us in our public channel: Spectral Hex Public or message Reticuli Zeta in game. Catch me in Discord too: Reticuli Zeta#6436

Or you can apply here

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