Nullsec PvP corp now recruiting

Spectral Hex.
Part of a sov holding multi-national, multi-role Legacy alliance.
We love PvP and our killboard shows it.

We’re now taking on pilots of all walks of life, but you must be interested and willing to progress in PvP.
We don’t want any easily offended snowflakes here. We’re all a bunch of adults and we think anything can be laughed at.
We have valuable moons to mine. Prime ratting space to make isk. Daily PvP action. Several coalition fleet form-ups per day.

Check out our killboard for an idea of how we’re doing.

Send a mail to Reticuli Zeta in game to apply.

We’re also taking on corporations to join the alliance! For that you don’t have to be PvPers, but it helps!

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