Spectral Inferno is Recruiting! [WH PvP] [USTZ]

We are a new startup wormhole corp, looking to expand our numbers! We’ve gathered a few people and started to make a home for ourselves in a C2 with C3 and Hisec statics. Our home has already provided us with plenty of content, and also provides plenty in the way of industry. We are currently looking mainly for players with experience or interest in PvP, as we could very well make use of additional fleet members for roams and home defense.

We are open to newer members as well as those who are current or returning to the game, and more than willing to help players learn WH space if they have not ventured in before. We use discord as our primary method of both text and voice comms.

Our aim for the corp is a tight-knit group of people to have a good time with, and not worry about any sort of commitment that could make the game a chore to play. We understand RL comes first, and are here for our friends even if they may not be able to join us on ops or roams for a while. We also have a sense of humor which is not quite limited to “family friendly,” so if you enjoy being able to be yourself, we may just be the group for you!

Give us a try, and you may just like what you see! :smiley:

Still open to messages or replies, in-game or here :slight_smile:

We’re still recruiting! Join chat channel “Spectral Public” or send an Eve-mail, along with replies/messages here as well for more information!

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