Spodbrain inc. - friendly null sec laid back collective

Greetings all!

Spodbrain inc. is looking for new members!

We are a small sized both PvP and PvE oriented corporation. Our home is located in great null-sec systems (Period Basis region). Helpful community and lots of friends around!

As a part of IGC alliance we are inside of the Imperium coalition, and have lots of friends and enemies in the EvE online world nowadays. We like to shoot pods as much as we like to shoot rocks.

Our main goal is to have fun of that great-in-the-past game and we won’t break down. Relaxed, Real life oriented community, we provide lots of services for our members, we care about each and any among our ranks. If you want to make new friends - come have a chat with us!

Speaking of our benefits:

  • One of the biggest markets in null sec space - you don’t have to fly to jita and back to bring something you want
  • Lots of PvP fleets - pings are all around the clock, every TZ is involved
  • Great opportunities to make isk - whether you are a miner, ratter, explorer or else, you will find your spot pretty easily!
  • Friendly and drama free atmosphere - We are one big family. You don’t join Spodbrain to be just a name on the list - you join and you stay because we care about each other.
  • Everything the industrialist desires: T1/T2/T3 reactions, up to capital production
  • Logistics service
  • Corp training for new players

What are we looking for?

  • Mature, friendly players
  • PvP and PvE oriented
  • willingness to grow up with corp and alliance
  • both Alpha and Omega clones
  • 5 mil sp
  • Discord and TS use is a must

In terms of main languages we speak English, German and Russian.

Join us today! Spodbrain inc.


Looks like the corp and people i am looking for!

Come talk to discord then :slight_smile:

Still looking for new members!

We are continue to grow! Lots of moons, ratt and players to shoot!

We are opened to anyone!

Still opened!

Come join us!

We are still opened!

Still opened!!

Come join us today!

We are still opened!

come join us today!

We are still opened!

Come join us today!

We are opened for everyone!

Come join us today!

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