SpodBrain Inc. - great place to start your Lobster career!

There are lots of “serious” kind of corporations. Who are really into true peeveepee, zkill check every 5 min (even when they deny it), PAPs etc… But, there are less places which were made just for having damn fun from this game. So, lets make one today!

SpodBrain Inc - fresh made, completely autistic corporation, part of Theran alliance. We love to mine. We love to mine a lot. If we don’t mine for an hour we would feel ourselves worth than a wormhole dude without saying “wormholer btw” for the 10 min in a row.
Also we have moons. They are even better than spod. Way more better product for our brains. Moons. Oh yeah baby.

BBP is included.

Peeveepee. Yes, we like to blow up not only rocks but ships. We like to be blown up as well cause then we will be back at mining faster. Small low sec, null sec, wh roams. BLOPS are in plans as well.

Currently we live in null sec space, in Fade region. Guristas missions are located near enough for those who like that kind of stuff.

We use both discord and Teamspeak for autistic screaming communication.

If you are interested in joining either mail me or join our public channel Spod Lobsters
Join us today and there will not be tomorrow!

                             Lots of spodumain awaits!

to the top!


come join us today!

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