SS recruiting - Kill or be Killed

Thank you for your interest in the Stockholm Syndrome Alliance

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide a wide range of diverse content to our fellow pilots. We seek to captivate their hearts with glorious PVP or give them a place chill out and indulge in industry and PVE that supports themselves and the team. In Stockholm Syndrome…If you don’t like it at first…You will eventually, or maybe you’ll explode…or both.

What can we offer you?
-Well managed discord voice comms
-Content ranging from PVP to mining and everything in between
-NOT Nullsec…■■■■ politics.
-Well managed infrastructure
-Dedicated team operations with a point to them
-EU/NA timezones
-SRP for Alliance operations

What do we expect?
-On comms when you can and social
-Log in at least once every 2 weeks(or kick)*
-Be a team player.
-Be willing to stand up and fight if called upon.
*Exception to the above: keep up with us on discord or inform us of an extended leave. If we know you’re alive or planning to come back we probably wont kick ya.

If this sounds good to you, please check out our alliance discord.

William Hazel
SS Recruitment Manager/Diplo

Come kill stuff! Or mine stuff. Either way, come join the team before Bob smites you! It’s not too late!

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You Apes should listen to ol’ Will here.
When was the last time you looked at an overwhelming enemy fleet in the eye and said “Hell yeah! Let’s go down swingin’, guys!”
When was the last time you felt your pulse race and the adrenaline pump thru your veins, knowing that is was going to be an epic fight? A real knock down,drag out skirmish brawl?
THAT is what we offer.
This is not the place for the risk adverse. It’s not the place for guys that wanna smite rookie ships on HS gates while piloting a Snatch T3 Cruiser…oh no…there will be no empty pod snatching in the market hubs guys.
We will roam low sec. We will prowl wormholes.
We will stand beside our brothers in arms and holla “HEY YEAH! BRING IT!”
THAT is what we do.

Eve on hardcore. You might die but whenyou do it wil have mattered. You might survive but that is because you stood with your brothers.

Join, T’day.

This alliance/group of players has been a blast to be a part of. 10/10 would recommend.

Lolz for a second I thought it was SS from secret Hitler police :expressionless:

We know nothing about this Hitler fella you speak of!
SS is a growing group of pilots that work and play together to the benefit of our Alliance. Come for the hostage situation, stay for the friends that you have come to identify with and admire!
We venture into many areas… HS, LS and even SCARY wormholes!
Join today!

Review from a very satisfied customer:

They’re awesome. Everything as advertised even if you joined without seeing any proper advertising since Hells doesn’t waste time with such things.

Join or die.
Alternatively, join AND THEN die, BUT WHILE HAVING FUN!!!

Is that the guy with the sweet pornstache?? Yes, minimum requirement to become a hostage is a sweet pornstache.

Come be a part of something awesome, like our roaming pornstache fleets!

…everything before was merely preface.

Best thing to come along for me.

The Cleansing is coming!
Can you feel his Eye upon you?
We understand you are a religious species. We will give you time to prepare your temples to receive your dead.
In the End…All your Base are belong to US!
Join now and PRAISE BOB!

Just joking mate xD

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