[ST3AM] SteamWorks Null-Sec Indy/PvP/Ratting Corp residing with [Brothers in Arms Alliance] (Part of the Imperium)

SteamWorks is a 0.0 Null sec based corporation which has a strong industrial backbone with an equally matched PvP Wing. We are members of the Band of Brothers Alliance (Part of the Imperium Coalition). We currently live in Delve. We are a friendly bunch; primarily operating in late EU timezone, but have members from all TZs. We have a real life comes first policy - no if or buts.

Who are we looking for:

• Industrialists/Miners are the core of our Corp. We want players who have a lust to contribute economically to the growth of our corp – we can offer unrivalled ISK-worthy space in Delve.
• Seasoned/Newbie PvPers of all types. We have a corporation structure which allows us to PAY YOU for Alliance related activities and fleets.
• Members who are active and want to be part of a community much bigger than the corporation.

What can we offer you:

• Experienced EVE players from all areas (Industry/PvP/Mining/Exploration)
• Logistics from Null-Sec -><- Jita
• Corp-led roams with experienced small gang FCs
• Near 24/7 up-time on Alliance level fleets of all sizes
• Well stocked Nullsec based market
• Capital Protection & Support for your ISK making activities
• Endless ISK making opportunities
• Mining Fleets & Boosts

If you are interested in being part of our community, please join SteamWorks.Pub or Contact Hishomi Shi (EU) / Ozith (US)

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Got another 4 members this weekend still looking for more…

Another one joins up, you too can join come hop in our pub and talk maybe we are a good fit for your future in eve.

Another 3 members joined up 1 EU and 2 NA. We’re accepting any time zone as we have members in all three NA EU and AU. Just went out on a fleet earlier and dunked a Speedtest fleet op. Come
Join the fun hop in steamworks.pub

another good round of recruitment, got 2 more members into the corp. Stocking up in the EU and NA time zones. Not sure your current place is active enough, want a taste of something different come talk to us in chat.


Always accepting new faces heavy on the EU we are also looking for NA and AU tz pilots. Come jump into steamworks.pub to ask about joining.

Got more guys in corp, could you be the next one to join us? stop by in the teamworks.pub in game chat to see if we are a good fit.

Aussie friendly!!

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