SteamWorks is looking for you to join our ranks

SteamWorks is a 0.0 Null sec based corporation which has a strong industrial backbone with an equally matched PvP Wing. We are members of The Bastion (Part of the Imperium Coalition). We currently live in Delve. We are a friendly bunch; primarily operating in late EU, Mid NA timezone, but have members from all TZs. We have a real life comes first policy - no if or buts.

Who are we looking for:

• Industrialists/Miners are the core of our Corp. We want players who have a lust to contribute economically to the growth of our corp – we can offer unrivalled ISK-worthy space in Delve.
• Seasoned/Newbie PvPers of all types. We have a corporation structure which allows us to PAY YOU for Alliance related activities and fleets.
• Members who are active and want to be part of a community much bigger than the corporation.

What can we offer you:

• Experienced EVE players from all areas (Industry/PvP/Mining/Exploration)
• Logistics from Null-Sec -><- Jita
• Corp-led roams with experienced small gang FCs
• Near 24/7 up-time on Alliance level fleets of all sizes
• Well stocked Nullsec based market
• Capital Protection & Support for your ISK making activities
• Endless ISK making opportunities
• Mining Fleets & Boosts

If you are interested in being part of our community, please join SteamWorks.Pub or Contact Hishomi Shi (EU) / Ozith (US) / Jason Prax (CA)

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Good afternoon. Do you guys have discord or something out of game to discuss recruitment?

Thanks in advance. is the discord link. Also Bump.

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Come and check us out

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bump 17-still looking for new pilots to join us.

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Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Still recruiting