Stable Veldspar in HighSec?

Been looking for Stable Veldspar highsec but have not found any? Are they in specific systems?

:red_circle: They only appear in asteroid fields that were created by moon mining.

ok. I have no idea what that means since I am new to mining but will go look that up. Thanks for the help. That is useful.

they were removed by one of the last patchs.

Crushing new players hopes and dreams :rofl:

@Draith_Drow Moon mining structures periodically spawn asteroid fields that do not show up on your overview like a normal asteroid belt. You need to use your right click menu in space to drill down to a specific moon and then warp to its Mining Point. If an Athanor is present there and it is actively drilling the moon there may be an asteroid field there filled with special ores. You can mine them and get moon materials that are used in Tech 2 production. Some ores also provide a few of the normal minerals you are used to seeing in normal asteroid belts.

Hope this helps a little.

Would it just be easier to look for the Athanor and warp to that one?Good information so thank you.

open your probe window, and use dscan on the refineries.

Just give up on this oneā€¦ one of last patches made it so moons no longer generate normal ores, and right now only longest pulls may still generate some - I assume that most pulls in hisec are just 1 week long.

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