Stacking laser crystals

Why can’t I stack laser crystals?

You can stack laser crystals if they are ‘packaged’ (Typically using the ‘repackage’ command on the right click menu). ‘Packaged’ items are items with the most typical attributes of an item of that type. Laser crystals of some types can be damaged from use, though, in which case they will have a unique value showing how damaged that specific crystal is. Once an item attains a unique value such as this, it can not be repackaged unless it can be removed, but laser crystal damage is permanent so a damaged crystal will never again be repackaged. (Most ships and modules, however, can have their damaged repaired for resale using station services.)

If this bothers you overmuch, the crystals can be reprocessed and you can try to remanufacture new, undamaged, and stackable crystals for eligible types.


ah ok. crystals deteriorate as they get used making them unique items. thanks!


Same thing goes for drones and modules that have damage. They can’t be repackaged or stacked until repaired…

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