STAIN FireSale

Quick sale STAIN, price -15% on Jita Sell.


Archon x3 900kk each
Chimera x1 900kk each
Nidhoggur x1 900kk each
Phoenix x2 1.5kkk each

Lif x2 with:
Capital Capacitor Control Circuit II x2
Capital Capacitor Control Circuit I x1

Rorqual with:
Large Low Friction Nozzle Joints II x2
Large Polycarbon Engine Housing II x1

Sin with:
Large Remote Repair Augmentor II x1
Large Trimark Armor Pump II x1

Charon 900kk

Chimera 800kk

Thanatos 900kk

Naglfar x3 1.5kkk each

and another ships

Send my mail or skype: avenkg

Still available

Still available

Ingame mail sent.

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