Stain NPC Null Sec - EU/US - PVP/Capital Industry

. We are STA’IN - the rest can [JOGON] !

-Based in Stain NPC Nullsec.
-EU and US Time zone.
-Focused on small gang PVP, Blops, Camps.
-Focused on Capital Production for profit.
-We have a small daily active Core looking to grow.
-Ideally seeking independent types (you have alts and can make ISK without someone holding your hand).
-Jump freighter support and weekly logistics.
-Minimum 8mil SP.
-Some Faction Warfare on the side for sexy BPC’s.

-For any enquiries, stop by our Discord: Discord

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Recruitment open, interested in those that can and will pvp and those that want to learn or can build caps.
Come chat with us via the Discord!