Indy focused with PVP - STA'IN (NPC Nullsec)

We are looking for Industrial Pilots.
*We live in STAIN NPC in a peaceful pocket.
*EU Coalition/Timezone. English/Romanian/German.

*We have:
-Moon Goo & T1 Rigs for Goo/Ice Reprocessing in system.
-0 Tax PI in system.
-Ice Belts Sigs in system,
-Reactions for new components and T2 in system
-Manufacturing/Research slots 2 jumps away.

We would like you to have:
*EU Timezone preferred.
*Ability to fly BS/CAP preferred.
*You + Alt Suggested.
*Come and see the Pool of Radiance in full glow.
*Reply or contact me in game for more info.

Bumping this.
We have a lot to offer and can assist with your travel plans.
Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Any old vets out there looking for a new chilled home? We are mostly UK based in corp. Stain has a lot to offer and so does our corp/alliance.

Hope we hear back from you.

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