Star Forged Souls Alliance Recruiting

Well i’m back at it again. First a little history of this alliance. We formed back in 2015 into a coalition that was taking tenerifis and that went as well and any other run of the mill rag tag collation. Like a turd in the punch bowl on prom night. We did get the space and held it for a around a month but Coalition leadership began to get greedy and took all of the moon goo and expect the alliances to defend everyone’s space while they sat around. So we left the coalition and eventually dissolved. I went on to do other things with my characters in other null sec corps. Fast forward to 2017. I was approached by a Friend/Diplomat to join the DRF as a Sister Alliance to Serin. Things where going well. But the sudden collapse of the DCU and the DRF leaving Drone regions sent things belly up once again. We chose at that point not to follow SERIN to there next home and returned to Highsec/lowsec. So that brings us to now.

We are a PVP alliance that is rebuilding its core membership. Our short term goal is to get Industry up and running and provide SRP ships to members to take out on roams and cause chaos in Low/Nullsec.

We are looking for PVP minded corps along with industrial corps. We are ok with newer corps that need help or are just starting out. We are willing to help you grow and teach you to play eve.

I am currently taking applications for FCs Diplomats and the likes there are alot of role opportunities for the right people/ For those of you that like to help build things this is the place for you. There’s not really much else to say other then also looking for a recruiter as I am terrible at this.

For more information send Brooklyn Alexandra a Eve message

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