[Starfinders]-Igniting Journeys. [US/EUTZ]



Who are we? Starfinders, at heart, embrace a nomadic playstyle to accommodate your preferences. Even though we have an HQ, it’s not mandatory to operate out of it.

We offer an extensive range of knowledge in the PvE/Exploration category such as.

DED Sites.
Combat Anomalies.
Relic/Data Sites (Including WH Sleeper, Sleeper Caches, Ghost Sites, And more.
Gas Huffing.
Wormhole Ratting.

We will soon be offering industry and PvP activities. If that’s your cup of tea, please reach out because we are always looking for these types of pilots as well.

SRP For any group activity deemed to be dangerous.

S.TFC Public

As stated above, we are currently working on a corporation-wide industry plan for those who wish to participate in group activities.



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