Attention Pilots of New Eden: Starfinders is Recruiting the Galaxy's Most Adventurous Explorers!

Greetings fellow pilots of New Eden!

Are you tired of the same old routine of mining, ratting, and station trading? Do you yearn for adventure and discovery among the stars? If so, then the Starfinders Exploration Corp is the perfect fit for you!

Starfinders is a sprout in New Eden looking for its growth. Together, we can explore the vastness of space and conquer the universe.

We are looking for Capsuleers who are paving a path in exploration and PvE combat sites! It’s understood that real life comes first, so don’t worry about feeling like you have to be on all the time. You don’t! We respect that real life comes first!

What do we offer?

  1. **Starfinders offers A learning Plan that includes skill books, Ships and all sorts of beneficial knowledge to enhance your game play!

  2. A SRP (Ship Replacement Plan) for any losses that might occur in group activities that’s pvp related.

  3. An Amazing Strategy and application on how to make PLENTY of ISK,

  4. A Great environment that will keep you engaged with the game to learn more over time!

    All applications are Welcome and feel free to tell us about yourself!

    -Starfinders Inc- Chat Channel


I’m looking for a new Corp and have been mostly doing combat exploration to make money anyway. You guys seem like a good fit.

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