Starter 4.9M SP for sale

Hello here,

Due to RL job issue my owner has to sell me as he can’t hold me anymore

He wants me to be in good hands has i’m onlyat my very begining of Eve Journey

So i’m for sale

Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
No jump clones
In Jita 4.4

Skill are keeping training during the sale

A fair price is requested for me

I don’t really know how much it is worth but I have 500 million for you if you would want? Tell me what you think it is worth. I’ve never done this before

You must cover the value of the transfer at least. Most characters wont go for less than 2.5b. This isnt worth that

Brisingir is right even if it’s for RL reason i would like 3B for this one

Think this is a fair price knowing that skill are still growing as we speak

I kept training and reaching the 5M SP with 121.500 SP free

if someone has interest i’m still for sale

I can offer 3B ISK now

3.5B isk now

I’m accepting your offer sir send isk and account to transfer to :slight_smile:

Isk not received … Still for sale

bump i’m still for sale

3.5b offer now

and isk in hand

so,do you still sell that?

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