[SOLD] 4.9m SP Starting Character


Clean History // Positive Wallet
Jita 4-4 // No Kill Rights.
+3 Implants: Memory/Intelligence.
2 Remaps // No Jump Clones

4.9m SP // 250K Unallocated.

Starting bid 3b
B/O 4b

I pay transfer fee.

BUMP!..come get me

BUMP! Lowered Starting bid and B/o

Ok…final update…not going any lower. This is a great deal.

B/o 3.5b

3.5b offer

All yours, send ISK and details to me please, and I will start the tranfer now

I am currently at work but I should be able to do it tonight. When I get the chance I’ll send the ISK + info you need


ISK and details never sent. Character is back for sale.

Starting bid 3b
B/0 3.5

My apologies, looks like we have a bit of a difference in time zones and I was unfamiliar with the process. Offer still stands, ISK and info have been sent as promised.

ISK received…need the account Username

ISK received, account name received. Transfer in progress. Thank you for your business

Transfer was successful, thank you!

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