[SOLD] 4.9m SP Starting Rorqual Pilot


Clean History // Positive Wallet
Jita 4-4 // No Kill Rights.
+3 Implants: Memory/Intelligence.
2 Remaps // No Jump Clones

4.9m SP // 250K Unallocated.

I pay transfer fee.

Starting bid 3.0
B/O 3.5

2.8 b

Sorry, Starting bid is 3b

3b isk ready lets go

Nice! Got the starting bid. Lets see if anyone else whats me. B/o 3.5b

take her with b/o or i take her :slight_smile:

3.2 Bil. Hehe then all 5kk sp char titan pilot too :rofl:

Alright, 3.2b! Almost to the B/o. Im heading to work, but once I get off, I will check this again and she is yours if there are no more offers.

I’m ready if you are…? Send ISK and details please.

Hi. Isk and info sent

Transfer In progress. Thank you

all done. Thank you 0/

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