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Still accepting apps

Almost a 20 year noob here. Pretty skilled up, but have usually played solo. Thinking about EVE again & wanted to join a good group & make some friends.

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16m SP Miner looking to possibly join. Would love to discuss to get more info.


Hit us up, we are recruiting good folks!

Will hit you guys up for a chat during the week. 60M SP miner/ sov null survivor with two Level 5 PI alts looking for moons, PI, and whatever else comes with NPC null.

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Sounds good man, hit us up in game at our public channel “stay feral” or the discord link in the post

Great time to join!!!

Looking for new pals

Great time to join, lots of actovity

Crack a drink, it’s the weekend!!

Looking for new friends

Great time to join!!! Lots of content coming

Accepting miners and pvp folks

Accepting folks interested in pvp and pve

Looking for more miners withcteeth

Recruitment is back open

Accepting applications from interested parties.

Nice week off, back to business

It’s small gang day!!!

Fantastic time to join