Stealth System Research and Logistics

Recruiting players for a promising new corporation.

Currently seeking miners, industrialists, PVEers, explorers… ach, you know, basically ■■■■■■■ anyone who is willing to hang out with us.

Especially desired are players new and old, who want to learn the dark arts of causing murder and meyhem in high, low, null, and hole-sec - piloting a Merlin, the greatest war implement ever devised (you tristan cultists can ■■■■ off!) - in our weekly frigate roams. Get paid to lose Merlins in combat through our exceeedingly generous ship replacement program. Isk rewards for committing particularly heinous acts of murder.

Learn basic PvP skills and small gang tactics, as well as the sneaky skills of espionage and target selection, in these alpha-friendly fleets, from none other than myself, the one and only, Syeed Ameer Ali.

We also like miners, explorers and PVEers, of course! Slave away in the asteroid belts, ice fields, and at our moon mining facilities in Derelik for small money and little thanks! Somebody has to keep our stations fueled and pay for all these Merlins we intend to blow up, after all, because I sure as ■■■■ am not going to do it! That’s where you guys come in. (Just kidding, we love miners and will keep your wallets happy.) Enjoy the relative safety and adventure of life in a remote highsec island.

We need miners, haulers, mission runners, people who desire to take on leadership roles on the industry/PVE side of the corporation. We need propagandists, graphic artists, and videographers to exxagerate our achievements, cover up our failures, and make us look like we know what we are doing!

Stealth System Research and Logistics is a member of a proud and mighty alliance - the New Eden Corporate Conglomerate.

Apply today! Contact Syeed Ameer Ali for all inquiries.

Still recruiting miners, Merlin pilots, and everyone else. Great place for newbies to start!

Check out SSRL. A great place to start off with a laid back atmosphere and non drama/BS players. Everthing you need is a click away!

We are still recruiting.

I’m replying with a full sentence, instead of just saying “bump”. Look, punctuation marks!

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