Stellae Renascitur [S.R] welcomes new members and corporations

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Stellae Renascitur is a modest but growing alliance founded out of the simple desire for freedom. Experience fair leadership, pve and industrial opportunities … garnished with small to medium sized pvp .

The vast empires of nullsec rightly hold dominion over their territory through economic and military might, but some of us yearn for a more simple or less crowded life in New Eden…where we are not just a number in a fleet commanders eyes or a cash cow for the overlords.If you find yourself in such a situation , come fly with us…whether you are a new player experiencing the wonders of New Eden for the first time , or a grizzled veteran who has thousands of kills notched on his belt.

Join an alliance that survived several wars and came out better for it … an alliance that repeatedly punched above its weight when bigger entities massed hordes at our gates.

What we offer:

  • Meritocracy and fair leadership that kept players online and loyal for years.
  • Small and medium sized pvp (because playing at 10% game speed due to 2000 man fleets is a joke)
  • PvE and Industry opportunities and endeavors of all levels
  • Alliance TS server
  • Guidance in all fields of EvE (PVP/PVE/Indy/Logistics/Management/WHs/Scanning/PI and so on - we have friendly players who do it all)
  • A stable home that caters to all types of pilots, regardless of their interests.

What we expect from new members:

  • Willingness to defend their home in case of need
  • TeamSpeak presence is required during defense fleets and encouraged but not mandatory during day-to-day activities
  • Respect your fellow capsuleers

Leave your questions here or join ‘Renegade Stars’ ingame channel or contact FeMalogalotalotim and C0ATL (that’s with a zero) via forum or evemail.

Individual players and corporations alike are welcome.

21mil SP Loner Pilot looking for small/medium corp
Experienced player looking for relaxed null living
Wondering to return to EVE
At crossroads - need direction please
Corp Looking to Join an Alliance (Closed)
Returning 55M SP player looking for new home
Casual Vet Looking for Corp
Old vet returning / looking for active Pvp corp EU timezone
48 M sp Combat newbie lf Home
Returning 15mill SP player
100m sp pilot and alts looking for pvp home
I want to join you corp
42 mil sp pilot LF Corp
Total Noob looking for corp
Noob looking for a corp
Returning old (EU) player looking for 0.0
59m SP industrialist/miner looking for alliance
Returning player looking for a group
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3 new members and a corporation…

Recruiting continues.

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Still recruiting

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Come and enjoy the game with us :slight_smile:

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Growing, still…

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SR is still recruiting members or full corps.

Contact us

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More members have joined.
Recruitment is still open for those who share our values.

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Recruiting, still

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Still recruiting!