STK-S: USTZ INIT Corp looking for a few solid (re: laid back, but also blood thirsty) pilots

Greetings and Salutations my fellow capsuleers of New Eden,
There comes a time when each of us feels the urge… the pull of destiny calling to us to find a place for ourselves, a place to call home. For some of us, the pull is strong right from the beginning. The call to arms is a clarion note so resounding that we immediately set off down the path to friendship and fortune. For others, we find a need to move from place to place trying new things and finding our own way. And yet others leave for other adventures in far off places and then return (to the game) and are just now seeking that place. STK-S is a place to call home. We seek those that will be here, not just for the short duration of the next war season, but for all the ages in New Eden and whatever is beyond the next Great Gate. The war in the north resulted in a recruiting blackout for some many months. The doors have been open now for two months and will be closing shortly. We seek a few new faces that might sit (and drink) with us in the days to come.
###WAR DISPATCH FEBRUARY 4th 2019 – NORTHERN COALITION DROPS TITANS ON FRIGATES{“A”%3A[]%2C"B"%3A[“1000127\%2F”%2C"498125261\%2F"%2C"99007044\%2F"]}/
Apparently throwing your super capital fleet at the problem isn’t always the answer. In this example, The Initiative continues to evolve it’s signature Stuka fleet with additional composition line ups and continues to prove that the most powerful ships in the game are frigates and destroyers.
As a member of the vaunted alliance The Initiative, STK saw extensive action staging into the infamous wormhole Rage. Over the course of a week, the one invincible keepstars of Hard Knocks were destroyed along with dozens of additional structures. The lightning war saw the annihilation and/or seizure of over two (2) trillion in assets. Many wishing to detract from the victory claim that the Imperium used too many pilots for the mission, let the record show that those making this claim lost the war.
The north made a brave attempt to rise from the grave and reach out to a new front in Vale of the Silent. This, however, was short lived and the anchoring keepstar was destroyed in decisive action with STK-S’s very own CSM Brisc Rubal landing the killing blow. Some would tell you that he did it by himself, shooting cruise missiles from his very asshole. This is not the case, he had some help. Although I cannot speak to how he fires the missiles.
The war in the north raged for months and months, almost 8 according to my count. A great many battles and skirmishes took place on a daily basis with some truly large battles at a few culminating points. Despite what you may have heard in the Reddit propaganda mill, Co2 put up a great many good fights and sparred with INIT quite often. It is a shame that the rest of the north didn’t show up to fight as often as Co2 did. In the end, the long standing reputation of Pandemic Legion proved to be propped up on the laurels of a bygone era.
###Who is STK?
I could go into long stories about the glories of STK, but I think that if you are currently reading this… you are already on Reddit and have seen the stories over the last year. So, I will just give a quick personal glimpse of insight before you read further. We have pulled in a total of 4 pilots in the last 3 months (one being someone I met at EVE Vegas and they were really cool). We are not actively seeking to grow for growth sake, but rather to add fun personalities that fit our culture and laid back, adult (sometimes adult humor as well) atmosphere.
The short of it, STK-S is a member of The Initiative, one of the very pointy sticks in the arsenal of the Imperium. There are many different corporations within The Imperium as a whole and INIT is no different. Each corp. with unique personalities and atmosphere, the following information is a bit about us to help make a decision if this might be a place for you.
##Testimonial 1: “STK has been a phenomenal corp to come back to EVE with after a 6 year break. They brought my pvp knowledge back up to snuff, helped me reacquaint myself with isk making activities and most importantly are are easy to get along with. Feels like home.”
##Testimonial 2: “Before I joined STK, I was a 500lb midget who couldn’t hold a job. After I joined STK I became a famous politiican and got elected to CSM, lost 250 pounds and grew two feet taller, while marrying a hot blonde and making half a million a year doing nothing.”
##Testimonial 3: “We’re pretty selective about who we pick up. It’s worked out though, most of whom we recruit tend to stick around for the long haul. There are a lot of personalities in STK from a lot of different walks of life. Even if/when we’re in downtime, BSing with the crew is rarely a dull experience. You can find folks in here that have participated in most rolls in life. There’s everything from auto mechanics to national level politicians. Initiative feels like home to us.”

So, what makes us who we are?
STK: Founded 5-31-2003. A legacy of good and bad times, lots of things dying, and being so space rich we all have monocles and mythical beer fridges under the desk.
So, what makes us who we are? (warning, bullet points!)
• An experienced corporation, that successfully blends the two distinct paths of PVP content and industrial might, stretching back to nearly the very beginning.
• We have participated in every major war in the game to speak of.
• More than our fair share of firsts and seconds.
• We are not a monolithic corporation. We tend to run somewhere between 5 and 15 people online in corporation with a total population of around 30 players. Some are active all of the time, some are in it for the long haul over years – because that is the time of friendship we build.
• Inside and outside of game community, enjoying playing not only EVE but other games together when something fresh and fun comes out to play.
• Community extends to social media, discord, coms, and sometimes text shenanigans.
• Community is part of The Initiative, with all of the opportunities and numbers that involves (50-200 player surge for fleets and communication networks).

Fun videos
Be a part of newly developing trends, fleet comps including the vaunted and feared Snatch Fleet, and come drop the hammer with us - Burn it with fire!
Molok Bait, Best Bait - Video
DELETE - Video

What are we looking for?
###Wall of text to follow: "All of the bullet points aside, we are looking for a certain type of player… not the skills acquired or the ships you have flown yet. We are looking for a personality that fits. We have a wide range of… characters (that’s a bad pun) and we want more. At the end of the day we are a group of 30-50 year olds that are at the stride in life where we have success, we have responsibilities, we enjoy finer drinks and dirty jokes. We also all choose to make this our gaming passion – as a group. We want more people like that, not to just have 50 more guys in fleets… but to have more people to hang out with in coms in this game and others. This is home for a lot of us and it has been for years and years. I want to open our home to some good new people and I’m pretty easy on restrictions right now."
• Someone that is active. That means you are playing 2-3 times a week or more. This is your primary vice.
• Someone that will be interested and active in coms and chat.
• Someone that is either knowledgeable about pvp/fleet mechanics or is willing to learn and develop.
• The Initiative possesses some of the absolute best FCs in the game, spread across time zones and corporations, that means that our fleets are successful through attentive pilots that are aware and can think on their feet.
• Someone that can fly doctrine ships or is willing to modify their skill plan for a 30-90 day arrangement to get into fleet doctrine ships.
• Someone willing and eager to go on fleet (both large and small) events.
• Someone that is interested (as interesting as shooting rocks can be!) in being industrious and self-sufficient.
• Crucially important: We want people that can get where to they need to be, with or without help.
• You don’t need to be a space rock shooter, but you should be capable of earning a healthy living in our space without being on a welfare program!
• We use mumble and discord.
• The Initiative is 60 % EUTZ and 40 % USTZ. We have room for both, but we are particularly interested in finding new USTZ pilots.
If you are motivated purely in stat padding your killboard, refusing to take the bad fights with the good, and generally need to tell yourself that blue balling is better that dying- I don’t think we are for you.
Metrics and stats below if you are motivated by killboard whoring.
Initiative zKillboard
Disclaimer: When we as an alliance go into all-out war mode often, meaning months of campaigns. This means that prime time hours are fighting and carebearing is for the afterhours (when there aren’t more ships to blow up.
Disclaimer 2: The interview and vetting process will take some time (1-2 week average). Please have patience.
Do yourself a favor, find out if this opportunity is good for you. Real talk time – it might be a great fit and it might not.
Join our forums and apply HERE.
If for any reason you have an issue with the link, reach out in game.
If you are interested in finding out more join our public channel in game STK-S Recruitment Channel and speak with myself (IGN: Sharnhorst von Deathwish), Waking Tea, or Ceema. If you do not see anyone in channel, send me an in game mail. The recruitment team is on vacation in the Bahamas and sometimes all of those drinks keep us from logging in.
In game channel: STK-S Recruitment & STK Scientific

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