Stormbringer annihilates T5 abyss

I saw CaseyLP’s thread the other week and decided to give the Stormbringer a try. Always thought it would be underwhelming in the abyss, but it absolutely annihlated the T5s!

Still thinking of ways to make use of the loot from the nodes. It does them so fast an MTU will pull in the extraction nodes too slow for it to be worth your time. Its also hard to fit an MWD without fitting issues and the limited range of the vorton projectors.

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How well does a Stormbringer or a fleet of Stormbringers work at taking a High Sec Gank Fleet out or taking out gate camps in Trig systems such as Niarja?

Do you have the +7 standing to jump into?

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A fleet of Storm that kill each other, i’d like to see that

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